Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sights of Kathmandu

Saturday (5/29) was a crazy day. Friday night I got online and found out that one of my friends was in Kathmandu! She had been traveling around India and Nepal and happened to be in Kathmandu when I got a hold of her. She rented a taxi for Saturday and invited me and Loo to join! We visited places surrounding the Kathmandu valley: Kirtipur, Chobar and Pharping (no pharping at the dinner table please!). Kirtipur was an ancient town, supposedly what Kathmandu looked like at one point. There were few cars and seemed that we were the only tourists that day. We found a great rooftop cafe looking out over the city, then headed for more sights in Chobar. The places I visited were lovely and refreshing, both with the air and lack of traffic, but I can imagine the beauty it once contained before all the buildings, pollution and rubbish. There needs to be a change here, with educating more people about the environment and putting that knowledge into effect. The teenagers I'm working with now have that ability, because they are educated. I know if they put the effort in, the can make a difference in many ways.

-Me and Anne in Chobar
Later, we went out for Anne's last night in Kathmandu. We met new people and shared stories. Some of the new people we met were a group of American volunteers who were building a school in Nepal. At that point they had finished the groundwork. I would have loved to help if the site wasn't 10 hours from Kathmandu!

Monday, two of the volunteers, Loo and I went to the ancient city, Bhaktapur. I had been there on my first trip, but didn't mind going again to see all the shrines and temples. I thought I had seen the majority of the town, but realized how huge the city actually was. Similar to Kathmandu, except less crowded and more beauty. The best part was seeing pottery being made and glazed... my specialty! One person made the pottery, another shaved off the excess clay after he was finished, the pots were laid out to dry in the sun, then a third glazed the pots. It was worth going back again!

-Me and Loo in Bhaktapur
It has been great meeting fellow travelers and learning about their experiences. You meet so many interesting people while traveling.
The past couple of weeks I've been working with the teens on their diction, public speaking, typing and having group discussions. They are improving and seeming to become more confident in their speech! Tonight they will do a speech on a country they'd like to visit, saying why they want to visit and some facts about the country. The countries they chose were Australia, USA, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Swaziland and others. Besides this, I had an art lesson with Sungava, an organization with mentally challenged women in Kathmandu. It was pretty difficult to communicate, as I don't speak Nepalese, but my friend, Noora, helped to translate and get the girls involved. Also, I'm planning to have an art show with the students from Reliance boarding school. So far, I've met with the 3rd graders... I had them draw pictures of their environment and most drew depictions of nature, but there were also some who drew computers, airplanes and super heroes! Haha, so we'll see how it goes!

I also did some swimming lessons!

-Little Dikshant
Hope everyone is enjoying the start of summer! Enjoy bbq's, the beach, and fresh fruits & veggies for me!

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