Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mango mango mango

I love MANGOS! I've been eating so many fresh, juicy mangos... I don't know what to do once I'm home. I need my daily dose of mango.

I have certainly neglected my blog for the past couple of weeks, and am now on my last week in Nepal. So here's what has been going on since my last post...

Loo's farewell party... tribal dancing

Loo left to go back to Australia :( We had a farewell party with good food, music and Nepali style dancing. I hope to visit her in Australia, and for her to come to the US as well... someday! Since she left though, I've been quite busy with Reliance Boarding School. I taught grades 3-10, then lastly 1st and 2nd. I had most fun with 1st and 2nd. I made a poster with the words "Our Earth" for 1st, then "Our World" and "Our Planet" for the 2 sections of 2nd, and had them put hand prints all over the page. To make it more interesting for Grade 2, I had them also draw over top or next to their handprint. I went over phrases like, "Lend a helping hand" and "Every hand can make a difference" to relate it to working together to help the environment.

Then after teaching all grades, we had the Environmental Art Show, hanging up all posters on clotheslines outside. The children were called by grade to look at everyone's work, and I presented each with a Certificate of Achievement for participating. Some of the kids had huge smiles when getting their certificate, making my time worth it! Also, during one lesson, a student came up and thanked me for coming and working on art with them.

Art Show! Handing out certificates.

Besides Reliance, I have been watching the World Cup, continuing with diction lessons (mainly public speaking), doing some artwork, and getting to know more of the culture. Two of the boys I'm teaching took part in the Hindu Holy Thread ceremony. Every Hindu boy of a certain caste takes part in the ceremony, which prepares them for manhood. Once completing, they are able to marry and perform in other Hindu ceremonies. Firstly the boys shave their heads (except for a small tuft on the top), then follows Hindu readings, offerings, chanting, then gifts for the boys. The ceremony took place from 7am-12pm... but was an interesting part of the culture to see.

Holy Thread ceremony

I was also invited to see a Hindu wedding ceremony by Dinesh. This consisted of dancing, music, food, putting on tika, washing of feet and me being put on the wedding video! What a great experience!

Bride and Groom

I have been spoiled here... tea made for me every morning, lots of mango eating, meals prepared, dishes washed, my own room and such amazing people to live with! I certainly hope to make it back again soon. But, here I come America!

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