Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Here I go

I leave in less than a week to Europe! Crazy. Although Chris (my friend who I'm traveling with) and I have planned out much of the trip, it will be quite spontaneous. I'm starting in London... by myself... then meeting Chris in Dublin, traveling back to London to grab a plane to Egypt, then heading to Venice after another couple days in London. That's just the first month, and we will be be flying like crazy, but luckily the tickets have been pretty cheap! Let's hope that doesn't reflect the planes I will be taking.

I'm staying with a friend of a friend in London, which I'm so grateful for, probably doing a couple hostels in Dublin, then staying with my teacher, Ginger, in Egypt. Ginger is amazing in letting us stay with her, and I'm sure she'll be grateful to see people that she knows! Chris and I will be riding camels in Cairo.. no biggie. I'm so excited regardless of the smell and the spitting. I will avoid being spit on, although, maybe it will bring good luck?

Once in Venice we are meeting up with Chris's friend Peter and his girlfriend, Yoana. Peter is from Italy and will be driving us up to Munich, to Prague then back down to Florence! After that, probably Turkey and Bulgaria. I'll have to see what funds I have left to decide whether I can keep traveling or need to come home...

I can't believe that I am going to places like Ireland, Egypt and Italy, all so different and beautiful. I hope to find some volunteer work or jobs along the way, but I haven't been so lucky to find any yet. This trip is terrifying and exciting, and I will miss everyone while I'm gone. Wish me luck!