Friday, May 21, 2010


After many hours of transit purgatory, I made it to Kathmandu! It is so strange and great being here. My last trip here in April gave me a good idea what to expect coming back again. The strikes are over, which as I got here found out it was more like a block party. Music, people in the streets, gettin' jiggy wit it. However, this time I will be working with the high school levels kids teaching diction. Hopefully even just spending time with me will improve their diction.
-My home in Kathmandu
There are 3 girls and 4 boys I am teaching in this beautiful home; Nari, Laxmi, Manmaya, Khil, Bhim, Rupesh and Dinesh. There is also a girl from Swaziland, Africa staying in the house. Louise is a med student and after doing an internship in Turkey, is now doing an internship in a hospital in Kathmandu. Growing up in Swaziland she has had quite an adventurous life. The kids call her kanchan, "clean heart," and me, muskan di- "big sister who always smiles."
Lou met a medical volunteer our age, Craig, working at the same hospital. He is also here for a few weeks and is traveling with his sister. Both Lou and Craig are so passionate about medicine and working with third world patients. Very courageous people. Yesterday Craig pointed out a bus that had been burnt down. The driver had accidentally hit and killed a child and therefore the bus was considered to have bad kharma. I'm in a completely different world here in Kathmandu.

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