Sunday, November 8, 2009


Hello all!
I am in an internet cafe and currently have 11 minutes and 30 seconds to write this! 23 seconds... you get the point. So after Halloween, Chris, Yoana and I took a train to Florence where we also met up with Chris's cousin. It was a bit rainy but we got a few walking tours around the city, went to the Academia (where the statue of David is located) and went to the top of a hill by a castle which overlooked the city. We spend two days there and the came to Roma! So far I have been in Rome for five days. I visited th Colosseum, Arch of Constantie, Palantine Hill, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Statue of Romulus and Remus, Trajans markets, Piazza Navona, the Vatican and various studios and galleries with my friend Amber (who is studying in Rome). Wow, I've been busy. It has been great so far, but am definitely missing home! Tomorrow I'm planning on visiting Naples for the day, then hopefully within the next couple of days getting a train to Provence to visit my friend Mandy. Mandy and I were roommates first semester of college. I have seen so many monuments, landscapes and buildings and hopefully will get to experience a bit of relaxation in Provence, having already been there two summers ago. I can't wait! I will try and fill all of you in more about my trip to Florence and Rome later.. but for now, I have to go! Hope you are doing well and miss you all so much!

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