Friday, October 9, 2009

London, Dublin

Hello all!
I am currently in Dublin! So I have had quite the strange sleep schedule. I took an overnight flight to London, didn't sleep, went around London that day, then slept 13 hours! Then went to the airport and "rested" was up all day then slept 12 hours... hopefully this will go back to normal soon. My first day in London was nice, however I didn't get to see much. I met up with Philippa who was wonderful in having me stay. We went out to dinner that night with her friends then I passed out. The next day I found my way around (with much info from Philippa) to Houses of Parliament & Big Ben, inside Westminster Abbey, Tate Modern, and the Tower of London. That night she made me dinner, but I have yet to try fish and chips! But I'll be back in London in about a week anyway. Also, I didn't realize that I would have trouble understanding the Londoners English accent... one girl was saying the word "gawky(sp?)" and I thought she said gorky!.. that was an interesting conversation.

I took the train to the airport and stayed overnight, met a woman who is working for the author of Grosse Point Blank. I met up with Chris in the Dublin airport and found our way to the home of people we were staying with. We met them through Couch Surfing, and they are wonderful! It was a married couple and their friend. They gave us lots of brochures and maps to help us around. Again the first day there, we didn't see much, just wandered around the city. Today we went to Trinity College, the National Museum, Dublin Castle and met up with my friend from home, Ryan, and a girl Cassidy. I met Cassidy on the plane to Dublin, and she's from Vancouver. She is actually doing a Eurotrip by herself.. we will be in Italy around the same time and hope to meet up with her again! Also, I learned that Arthur Guinness's birthday is a National Holiday in Ireland.. figures! On a whim Chris and I decided to grab a bus to Galway for tomorrow! I can't wait to get to the countryside.. Dublin is surprisingly very city-like and new, sometimes I don't even feel like I'm in Ireland. Hopefully we'll be there for a couple days before coming back to Dublin to catch the plane to London, then onto Cairo!

Will upload pictures as soon as I can! I've been so busy!


  1. Hey girl, I am so glad that things are going well for you in London! Have a great time, and be safe!!!! Love ya:-)

  2. AHH!! SO jealous already and miss you like crazy!